commercial photography.

As a Queenstown photographer specialising in architectural & interiors photography for clients in the property industry who require imagery for their portfolio, sales, marketing or awards, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to photograph the latest in building innovation, design and decor. The fast paced growth in Queenstown has seen many new commercial buildings come online changing the skyline with new and innovative building shapes, abstract roof lines and designs.

Whenever I travel nationally or internationally, I research buildings and plan my itinerary around photo excursion to stalk them out.  In a large city of skyscrapers, I am quite literally a kid in a candy store with my head in the air & eyes going in every direction trying to take it all in.  Airports, sports stadiums, dams, multi-story office buildings, ski field base buildings, temples, schools and retail buildings are just some of the type of commercial and public buildings that I have photographed.