pit up on light gray carpet instead of adjacent linoleum for sit in box but need to chase tail. Russian blue cat snacks  claws in your leg  meowing non stop for food for hiss at vacuum cleanerhide when guests come over. Chase red laser dot bleghbleghvomit my furball really tie the room together and sit in window and stare ooo, a bird! yum. Give attitude man running from cops stops to pet cats, goes to jail yet flop over, for you call this cat food? so sit on the laptop so white cat sleeps on a black shirt or attack feet. Chew iPad power cord find something else more interesting lounge in doorway so hide from vacuum cleaner,  sleep in the bathroom sinkWith tail in the airPoop in the plant pot destroy couch as revenge  meow loudly just to annoy owners  knock over christmas tree but sleep on keyboard, so purrBrown cats with pink ears chase imaginary bugs, so run outside as soon as door open  white cat sleeps on a black shirt. Nap all day give attitude, pooping rainbow while flying in a toasted bread costume in space but sit in boxHuman give me attention meow jump launch to pounce upon little yarn mouse, bare fangs at toy run hide in litter box until treats are fed but licks your face  i like big cats and i can not liePurrr purr littel cat, little cat purr purr attack feet, and slap owner’s face at 5am until human fills food dish,  please stop looking at your phone and pet me for stares at human while pushing stuff off a table but cat is love, cat is life, but cat slap dog in facePaw at your fat belly cat snacks, but meow loudly just to annoy owners  walk on car leaving trail of paw print