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I am Marina, a New Zealand based fine art architecture photographer with a passion for creating award winning imagery using bold architectural forms.  My practice of interpreting architectural objects feeds my creative soul while paying tribute to the beauty of the form and the designer’s vision.  While my commercial work is a literal interpretation of the built form, my fine art work is my asthetic voice.

fine art architecture

Photographing architecture and built forms for property related clients and myself as personal projects has allowed me to discover a multitude of subjects which I enjoy interpreting and transforming into art.  A recurring theme that can be found in my photographic style is twofold and contradictory.  One being the simple elegance of urban minimalism where in traditional architecture photography, sharpness and straight lines are key.  The other being the complexity of shapes, textures and shadows of the built form interpreted in a multi-dimensional manner.

fine art.


Marina Mathews Commercial Work

fine art.

My creative right brain sees me turning strong architectural forms into pieces of fine artwork.  My galleries showcase various series I am drawn towards and continue to develop ~ Urban MinimalismUrban Blend, Fragments and Black & White.  Are you an interior designer or homeowner and see